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I have to admit when I first started doing this blog about Ebony MILFs and Black Cougars, it was nothing more than a hobby for me. After I watched enough scenes watching guys fuck all of the hot black MILF pornstar babes, I decided to pick up some camera equipment and see how hard this whole “being a pornographer” thing was.

It didn’t take long till I was in LA shooting scenes with all of my favorite Black MILFs like Ms. Cleo, Nina Simone, Delotta Brown, Loli Pop, and Delota Brown. So now, a simple blog about the black cougars I loved to watch get fucked on film as turned into a full-time obsession!

So now this blog about hot older sistas like, Janet Jackme (I think it was this hoe that drove me over the edge) has turned into a full time obsession that I am going to try to make a live doing porn with all of my favorite BLACK COUGARS!!



This is Black MILF Porn, made by a real Black Cougar lover. You know I have a good eye for these sluts hoes and bitches that are 30+. Keep checking back for all of my slut fucking adventures, as a turn an xxx hobby in and obsession.


Big Booty Milf Anjel Devine


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This black cougar, Anjel Devine, is my neighbor. She is always wearing stockings, lingerie, you name it whenever she is outside. I think she is looking for a guy like me to offer up his big dick! Sometimes she grabs a dildo and plays with herself. Good thing I can see over the fence, I love the show she puts on! I decided I would replace her dildo with my dick! Anjel sure was surprised when she reached down to play with her wet pussy and my dick was in the way! Like the mature horny cougar she is, she just grabbed my stiff cock and started sucking on it like a fucking lollipop! After I fucked her senseless and then gave her a pussy creampie, she told me she hoped I would be watching her… And now you get to watch her too on Black Cougars from the boys here at Filth Freaks. They make all this shit possible!

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Hot Black Cougar Babe Kytiana Kane


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A friend of mine had to go out of the country, he told me to look after his mom. I figured some old broad needed help carrying groceries, car help, that sort of thing. Hell no! I got a call asking if I wanted to get some dinner, be her companion. I had nothing better to do, why not? Went over to pick her up, and damn, just about had the shock of my life! So-called friend didn’t tell me his mom was some HOT MILF! Forget dinner, I’ll dine on this pussy! Kytiana Kane, damn, we ended up going back to her place for drinks – and dessert. I gotta tell you, after fucking this hot ass black cougar, Kytiana, she can call me for help anytime she wants… Check out the entire MILF fuckfest only on Black Cougars from the homeboys at Filth Freaks! Thay know how to make a cougars panties drop!

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Ebony Cougar Bianca Archer Taking Big Black Cock


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I needed a maid to come in and clean my house, I’m a lazy asshole, I know. So my buddy recommends Bianca Archer. Said I would love the extra attention to cleaning the house. I figured, some old gal. Shit, I opened the door and just about banged Bianca right there on the front porch! This ebony babe is standing there in a little maid uniform – and nothing on underneath! She’s showing her phat ass for the world to see – at my front door! Oh Bianca cleaned the house all right. She cleaned my pipes out pretty damn good too! Her deep throating my big dick, a fucking vacuum cleaner! I gave Bianca a big tip too. Splashed my load of cum all over her face
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Ebony Milf Dia Balickall Big Black Fuck


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Dia Balickall, now here’s one very sexy ass ebony MILF! Have you seen this lady yet? She was driving backing up into a parking spot and hit the corner of my car. I was pissed, until I got a good look! I figured I could wheel and deal and get myself some black pussy in exchange for not calling the cops. She tells me she doesn’t have insurance, I knew I would get me some black pussy! Oh yeah, worked like a charm! This ebony babe had no problem giving my big dick a good blowjob and spreading her legs so I could get some fucking in! Check out Horny Black Mothers and look for Dia Balickall! Its from the good old boys at Filth Freaks who cannot get enough black pussy!

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Lucea Brixton Amateur Black MILF


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Minding my own damn business walking down the beach, and I walk past this hot looking black woman. She’s holding a fucking DILDO and licking it! I’m thinking, “lady, you can hold my dick and lick it.” I can’t believe the shit you see sometimes with horny older women! Next thing you know – because you know damn well I don’t turn down pussy – I’m in Lucea Brixton‘s house sticking my tongue up her pussy getting a taste of some dark chocolate! Lucea told me she noticed me a couple of days ago, hell, she didn’t have to wait a couple of days to fuck me now, did she? See what you think of this horny older black babe – you’ll love watching her pussy get pounded by my big cock… Watch it all now on Black Cougars from the boys at Filth Freaks. They love that black pussy!

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Barbie Banx is One Hot Ass Black MILF


Ever since I opened this sites there is one black MILF I’ve been wanting to fuck Barbie Banx – she is so fucking hot, I couldn’t believe how good it felt to ram my dick into her nice hot cougar pussy.
Barbie Banx think black assSee me put in some work for @filthfreaks update: Banging Black Cougar Barbie Banxxx  Clip 3 – http://rsxxx.com/7WrPYS – it’s a nice long video too, you amateur muther fuckers ought to be careful not to bust a nut to quick this black MILF is too hot for some to handle.

My dick was at attention sending me into overdrive! I wanted a piece of this cougar, and I definitely was going to get some. Used my charming self to ask her for drinks. She said yes, I said yes, and somehow we ended up back at my place where I got to drink her bald black pussy juice! Oh yeah, I got to bang black MILF Barbie Banxxx!


Black MILF Mo Wetta Gets Big Cock


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Mo Wetta, just hearing this black slut‘s name gives a guy a stiff dick! She lives up to her name too, her pussy is always fucking ready! I love sticking my tongue in her pussy and tasting her juice. Drives her crazy. As long as I satisfy this horny black MILF she keeps me around. Pretty good trade off, don’t you think? Just have your dick around for fucking, you get to do anything you want, you just gotta keep your horny cougar happy! She loves walking around with her ass hanging out. Mo Wetta has a good bit of ass too. I love bending her over and fucking her doggy style! Check it out, like I said, there’s Nothin’ better than ebony cougar Mo Wetta!

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Black MILF Cinna Bunz Loves Younger Big Cocks


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If you get a little hungry in the mornings, reach for this horny black MILF, Cinna Bunz! You could snack on this sweet chocolate cougar all day and never get tired! She’ll keep you going – if you can keep up with her! Hot and sweet, yummy black pussy, Cinna Bunz gives you quite a mouth full when you meet up with her! Just look at her big phat chocolate booty. This ebony sexpot knows how to please a younger man. Her years of sexual experience really shows thru when she is on her knees with a big black cock in her mouth. On top of that her pink pussy was like silk to fuck!

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Black Cougar Delotta Brown Loves Younger Cock


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Milf Delotta Brown came out to see if her handy man was finished fixing some bench, which was never broken to begin with. All she really wanted was some big black cock to suck and fuck, so she broke it on purpose. She sat next to him and flashed her wet pussy and before you know it, he was on that pussy like flies on shit! She sucked his fat cock right there on the bench and gave him a titty fuck with her giant titties, then they headed inside to fuck on the couch! He fucked that tight MILF pussy until she begged for his cum then he blasted a fat gooey load all over her pretty little face!


Black Cougars is the newest site from the guys at Filth Freaks. They love black MILFs getting younger cock so much they dedicated a entire site to it!

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